2008 - 2010 Dodge 3 Button Fobik Key - Emergency key included - M3N5WY783X

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2008 - 2010 Dodge 3 Button Fobik Key - Emergency key included - M3N5WY783X

2008 - 2010 Dodge 3 Button Fobik Key - Emergency key included - M3N5WY783X

*IMPORTANT* This 'old style' remote was what Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep originally came out with for a 'fobik' remote. After a couple years they made what's called a 'new style' which allows you to have access to the battery, button pads, and board whereas the 'old style' remote only gave you access to the battery. An easy way to tell if you have an 'old style' remote or not is to look on the back of your existing fobik and if you see a little door to access the battery then you have an old style. You can also reference an old style by the FCC ID. If you have an old style remote you can always upgrade to a new style however, if you have a new style you cannot downgrade to an old style.


2008 - 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
2008 - 2010 Dodge Journey   
2008 Dodge Magnum

Product Specs and Programming Information
FCC Number M3N5WY783X
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Programming Information This remote comes with self programming instructions only if you have two working fobs. You can view them under the 'Programming Instructions' tab.
Product Condition Refurbished
Programming Instructions

**You MUST HAVE two working programmed transmitters before
you can add a third transmitters.

**If you only have ONE WORKING TRANSMITTER and want to add a
second transmitter this procedure WILL NOT WORK and you will
need to contact an automotive locksmith in your area.

1. Using first programmed transmitter turn ignition to the ON position
for 3 seconds but no longer than 15 seconds.
(Do not crank engine). Turn transmitter off and remove.

2. Within 15 seconds insert second working programmed transmitter.
Turn ignition to the ON position (Do not crank engine) After 10 seconds
an acoustic signal will be heard and immobilizer warning lamp wil
flash. Turn transmitter OFF and remove second programmed

3. Within 60 seconds insert third NEW non-programmed transmitter into
ignition and turn to the ON position (Do not crank engine).
After 10 seconds an acoustical signal will be heard and immobilizer
warning lamp will illuminate for 3 seconds.

4. Turn transmitter to the OFF position and remove.

5. Test transmitters.

Repeat procedure for additional transmitters if required.
A maximum of 8 transmitters can be programmed.

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