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2011 - 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 Button Proximity Fobik Key w/ Remote Start - Emergency key included - IYZ-C01C

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This is an authentic factory/OEM device meant to operate your specific vehicle.


2011 - 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 Button Proximity Fobik Key w/ Remote Start - Emergency key included - IYZ-C01C

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2011 - 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 Button Proximity Fobik Key w/ Remote Start - Emergency key included - IYZ-C01C

Ekey- 584

This unit is for push-button-start vehicles.


2011 - 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Additional Information

FCC Number IYZ-C01C
OE Part # No
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Programming Information

Please contact us via phone (1-855-224-7258 EXT-3) or live support chat to the bottom right of our website to confirm programming for this product. Our techs will make sure you know everything you need to!

If our techs inform you that this product needs to be programmed by a Locksmith, you may do Google search here for 'automotive locksmith' followed by your zip code. We suggest calling Locksmiths to find the best rate for the programming and/or cutting service.

Product Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $199.99


Chrysler/ Jeep/ Dodge Proximity Fobik Remote Programming with MVP/ T-Code Pro

Please ensure your locksmith has the Advanced Diagnostic equipment needed (MVP or T-Code) and that they follow the instructions below: have them show you, step by step, this process to ensure they are doing the required steps so you can be 100% sure they followed our instructions! Failure to follow these steps could complicate your return process and/or lock the remote up, causing additional charges.

Note: on certain year Jeep Grand Cherokee’s your locksmith should use the Dodge Grand Caravan vehicle selection with the Tan (G) dongle or Smart Dongle.

  1. Remove push to start plug/ button and place new, un-programmed fobik in the slot
  2. You will notice a small red light in the instrument cluster will blink and not go out.
  3. Use Dongle G (Tan)
  4. Select Jeep
  5. By Vehicle
  6. Grand Cherokee
  7. Immobilizer
  8. Special Functions
  9. Add Keys
  10. Enter Pin from Dealer
  11. You should now see the blinking red light on the cluster go out.
  12. Vehicle should start
  13. Back out and start over
  14. Same Dongle G
  15. Select Jeep
  16. BY SYSTEM!
  17. Fobik Keyless-N-Go
  18. Match Keyless-N-Go
  19. Enter Pin from Dealer again
  20. DONE! Remember to put the ignition plug/ Push-To-Start button back in place.

Take all fobiks out of vehicle and test each fobik, one at a time, by ONLY HAVING 1 remote on you at a time. Test all buttons except remote start button. Get in vehicle and test that the proximity feature works by pushing in the brake pedal and pushing the start button. Turn vehicle off and exit the vehicle. Walk at least 5 feet away and lock the doors. Press the remote start button in and leave it pushed in for several seconds. If the car does not start, re-press it down and leave it down until it does starts.

Note: Keyless-N-Go programming MUST be done SECOND- NOT FIRST! If your locksmith follows these directions they will not lock the remote up so it cannot be programmed and you will have a working proximity remote.

These instructions are only for locksmith’s that use the top of the line equipment from Advanced Diagnostics. Keyless Ride “Hotwire” programmers are NOT good with Mopar remotes. Cheap knock-off and/or Chinese programmers are cheap for a reason. Avoid them and the locksmith’s that use them as their sole programming equipment. Dealerships have their own methods that these instructions do not pertain to. A fee will be assessed to returns sent back by Dealer Program Failure.

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Please Note: Reviews about self-programming do not indicate the product above is self-programmable. Please inquire about each product.
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