1996 - 2000 BMW 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote

1996 - 2000 BMW 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote

1996 - 2000 BMW 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote

1996 - 2000 BMW 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote

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1996 - 2000 BMW 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote


1996 - 2000 BMW Z3
1996 - 1999 BMW M3
1996 - 1999 328i

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FCC NumberA269ZUA111
OE Part #82111469448
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Programming Instructions


1. Close all doors, trunk, and hood.

2. The security system must be in "disarm" mode. The key must be removed from the ignition key slot.

Enter Code-Learning Mode
3. Open the trunk and leave it open.
4. Open the driver's door and sit in the driver's seat.
5. Close the driver's door.
6. Cycle the ignition switch five times between the "off" position and position 2 (ignition "ON", all dash warning lamps will illuminate). The red status LED will illuminate continuously, and the siren will "chirp" once, to indicate that the code-learning mode has been initiated.


The ignition switch cycling in step #6 must be performed within ten seconds.

The sequence in steps #1-6 must be performed within 45 seconds.

Registering/Delete ID Code(s)
7. Open driver's door, (remain seated in driver's seat)
8. Close driver's door.
9. Press and release any button on the remote you wish to register into the system. The status LED will shut off momentarily to indicate that one ID code has been registered.
10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 to register the remaining three ID codes.

Exiting Code-Learning Mode
11. Open driver's door, and exit from vehicle, leaving the door opened.
12. Close trunk.
13. Close driver's door. The LED will turn off and the siren will "chirp" twice.
14. The initialization procedure is now completed, test all remotes to confirm operation