Notice to all customers


This message is generally directed at online shoppers and specifically directed at RMR customers.

We here at Replace My Remote want the entire world to understand that we are doing everything in our power to offer you a top notch product with the highest reliability that the products are capable of. The majority of our products being "refurbished" items, there should be a bit of educating, on our part, to you, so you know what you are getting in to- before you buy, preferably (so please take the time to read this before purchasing).

A "refurbished" remote is any used remote that someone has fixed or altered. Cleaning a used remote still makes it a used remote! Putting a new battery in a used remote still makes it a used remote! However, once you re-shell the remote, solder the remote clips or chips, or "flash" (re-virginize the transponder) the remote- it has been refurbished.

A *NEW* remote, as designated on our site, is any remote that was never used before. We get these new remotes and keys thru direct contact with the manufacturers, deals with second party suppliers, and auctions. Original packaging may or may not be included with these auctions. We get both OEM (original equipment manufactured) as well aftermarket items in this *NEW* category. Any aftermarket option will bear the Replace My Remote Brand designation.

All refurbished remotes are thoroughly tested. HOWEVER- unlike a computer, where you can "fix" it and turn it on and see that it works, you cannot do that with a remote until you actually do a real life program on it. Since we do not have 1 of every car made on the planet to test EVERY remote that goes thru our doors, we CANNOT know, for certain, 100%, if the remote we refurbished actually works until you try and program it yourself, or have an automotive locksmith try and program it. This is the risk you agree to take to save up to 80% off dealership prices. We do not refund any incidental costs if the remote we send you fails, like locksmith or dealer charges and any returns for refund will incur a restock fee, so always choose a return for replacement, so it is free for you (except return shipping costs).

You might ask, "what is the failure percentage rate on your remotes"? Feel good in knowing that the rate of failure is less than 1%. Out of 110 remotes 1 remote may have an issue we cannot detect in house. This is why we feel entirely comfortable offering- and standing by- our 180 day replacement warranty.

A few words about our warranty. It is a REPLACEMENT warranty. Not a refund warranty. We guarantee our product and we stand by it. Refunds cost us much more than just the sale amount. There is lost labor, lost packaging, lost postage, lost insurance, lost advertiseing funds, and lost fees we pay to other companies to process your sale as well as refund penalties. We have a $9.99 re-stock fee because of this and even this minimal fee of $9.99 does not cover these losses in most cases! That may be hard to believe but it is entirely true. Also, if we did not have some type of system in place, such as we do, there are certain, unsavory, elements of society that will see that and exploit it till they bankrupt us. I am trying to stay in business as long as possible to be here for not only YOUR next car needs, but your children's car needs as well.

Let's move on to what YOUR responsibilities are as the customer. Yes, we have a search option on our site that you can input your vehicle's details and it will spit out options that have been known to be compatible with your vehicle. That does NOT mean you can place 100% trust in that result page! You MUST verify that the item you are choosing matches what your vehicle actually needs. This is done in two ways:

  1. Look at your existing remote. Match the FCC ID as well as part numbers. No remote to look at?
  2. Call a good sized dealership (not a tiny local one) for your exact make and talk to the parts department. Ask them to check their system (using your VIN number) for the part number that was included in your vehicles build. Call or chat with us online and we will use this part number to help you save a load of money and get the exact thing you need from us.

You should ALWAYS try and have us pick your remote for you. For one thing, it leaves the responsibility for any wrong item on us- not you. Any mistakes made by us are fixed by us at no charge to you. Again, I will point out, we REPLACE the wrong item for the correct one for nothing out of pocket to you, but if you want your money back, it will incur that $9.99 restock fee as stated in our policy. ALWAYS get the replacement. It's 180 day, take advantage of it! Of course, if you choose to NOT contact us by phone or chat, and you choose to pick your item out yourself, and it is wrong, you will have to pay to fix the mistake. This could include shipping/insurance charges as well as any additional charges for the correct item.

Look, we are professionals. We have been in the auto world for a very long time working with dealerships, supply companies, manufacturers, and locksmith's. We know the ins and outs, do's and don'ts, and a lot in between. Take advantage of that experience, take our advice, take the help we are offering, and you will save a large sum of money (over-all) and have a much more pleasant experience when you have to replace your keys or remotes.

As always, we are pleased to be here for you and hope that this message helps you make the right choices when shopping online and with us as well as any other professional online shopping store.

Best Regards,

Replace My Remote Administration