Terms & Conditions


Products which are able to be programmed by you, the consumer, will come with free programming instructions. If your product needs to be programmed to your vehicle with diagnostic equipment, you'll need to have a local automotive locksmith perform this task. It is you, the purchaser, to determine if your vehicle is self programmable BEFORE you purchase from RMR. Replace My Remote bears no responsibility for additional charges bore by the customer due to not finding this info before purchasing.


For complete information regarding returns, please refer to Replace My Remote's return policy web page.


Replace My Remote reserves the right to replace items up to 180 days past the purchase date. For refunds we reserve the right to accept returns up to 60 days of the purchase date. Item must not be tampered with and in good condition. All returns will receive store credit. We do not give cash refunds.


The consumer assumes all responsibility for any loss or injury from the correct or incorrect use and/or misuse of our products.

Product Information

Replace My Remote provides new and refurbished products. We do not sell used remotes, although some remotes cannot be re-shelled and thus may APPEAR used. Refurbished remotes have been professionally disassembled. Each component and part is tested for 100% for functioning order and replaced with OEM new parts when needed . We reserve the right, depending on availability, to substitute similar, compatible OEM remotes made by the same company that built your car.


All products that require a battery come with newly installed battery for long time use. If your product starts to run low on power and you notice yourself having to get closer and closer to your vehicle for it to function, stop on back to Replacemyremote.com and purchase a new battery.