1997 - 2001 GM (Vans) 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote Fob - ABO0204T

1997 - 2001 GM (Vans) 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote Fob - ABO0204T
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1997 - 2001 GM (Vans) 2 Button Keyless Entry Remote Fob - ABO0204T


1997 - 2001 Chevy Venture
1997 - 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1999 - 2001 Pontiac Montana
1997 - 1998 Pontiac Transport

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More Information
FCC NumberABO0204T
OE Part #10245950
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Programming InformationThis remote comes with self programming instructions. You can view them under the 'Programming Instructions' tab. When looking under the 'Programming Instructions' tab please look for your specific model and year as the programming instructions vary.
Product ConditionRefurbished
Programming Instructions

1997 Chevrolet Venture

1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1997 - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport

1. Remove key from ignition switch.

 2. Remove the MALL PGM fuse, from fuse box

 3. Close all doors.

 4. Turn ignition switch to ACC.

 5. Within 1 second turn the ignition switch to OFF then back to ACC

 6. Open and close drivers door.

 7. A chime will sound indicating you are in programming mode.

 8. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together until chime sounds twice,
     about 14 seconds.
 9. Repeat step 8 for any additional remotes.

10. Remove key from ignition and replace MALL PGM fuse.

11. Test remotes.

1998 - 2001 Chevrolet Venture

1998 - 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1999 - 2001 Pontiac Montana

IMPORTANT: Before entering programming mode, have in possession all of the remotes you
will be useing on the vehicle. Once you program the remote. all previous remotes that were
programmed will be erased from memory. The other remotes will not be functional until you
program the them again.


1. Remove the key from the ignition.

2. Remove the "BCM PRGRM" fuse from the fuse panel. Use the legend on the fuse panel to 
    properly locate the "BCM PRGRM" fuse. Fuse panel is accessed by opening the front
    passenger door.

3. Close all of the doors.

4. Close the liftgate.

5. Insert the key into the ignition, and turn to the ACC position.

6. Turn the key to OFF and then back to ACC within 1 second.

7. Open and close any vehicle door. A chime will be heard when the system enters into
    programming mode.

8. Press and hold the remote LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for 14 seconds.
              IMPORTANT: After 7 seconds, a chime may be heard confirming successful
    synchronization. It is necessary to wait approximately 14 seconds for a second chime
    that will confirm successful programming.

9. Repeat step 8 now for each additional remotes to be programmed including any existing

10. Remove key from ignition.

11. Install the "BCM PRGRM" fuse back into the fuse panel and test remote(s)