2004 - 2006 OEM GMC Envoy XUV 4 Button Remote w/ Rear Glass - MYT3X6898B

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2004 - 2006 OEM GMC Envoy XUV 4 Button Remote w/ Rear Glass - MYT3X6898B

2004 - 2006 OEM GMC Envoy XUV 4 Button Remote w/ Rear Glass - MYT3X6898B


2004 - 2006 GMC Envoy XUV

If you wish to purchase this item in aftermarket condition, you can do so by clicking here. The aftermarket remote will have a trunk icon instead of the window up/down icon however, it works the window up/down the same as your original. 

Product Specs and Programming Information
SKU 3212
FCC Number MYT3X6898B
OE Part # 15772899
Support Your purchase gives you 100% free e-mail and phone technical support from our expert staff.
180 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the product within thirty days of receipt for a refund. Please see our return policy for further info.
Programming Information This remote comes with free programming instructions so you can program the remote to your vehicle without using a locksmith.
Product Condition Refurbished
Programming Instructions

You must have all remotes including working ones when performing this procedure.

1. Close all doors.

2. Insert key into the ignition.

3. Press and hold the power UNLOCK button on driver's side door panel. Do not release until instructed to do so in step 5.

4. Quickly turn the ignition ON, OFF, ON, OFF. (ON is the position just shy of starting your vehicle, OFF is the position where you can remove your key)

5. Release the power unlock button on the driver's side door panel. The vehicle should respond by locking and unlocking automatically. If locks cycle then continue to step 6.(if the door locks begin to lock and unlock BEFORE releasing the unlock button then the vehicle has not entered programming mode and you must start over. Remove key, open door and return to step 1. If the vehicle continues to lock and unlock before releasing the unlock button then there is a problem with the vehicles system and remotes must be programmed by a certified professional. If you are unable to get the door locks to cycle then you are turning the key too quick, too slow, there's a problem with the vehicles system, or the vehicle is not equipped with a factory keyless entry system.

6. Hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the remote at the same time until door locks cycle again. This could take up to 30 seconds.

7. NOW repeat step 6. for all additional remotes including working ones.

8. After step 6. has been performed for all remotes TURN ignition to ON to exit programming mode.

9. Turn ignition to OFF, remove key and test all remotes.


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