2007 - 2010 Toyota 4 Button Smart Remote w/ Trunk - Emergency key included - # Board - HYQ14AAB

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2007 - 2010 Toyota 4 Button Smart Remote w/ Trunk - Emergency key included - # Board - HYQ14AAB

EKey: 2742


2007 - 2010 Toyota Avalon Limited
2007 - 2008 Toyota Camry
2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid

IMPORTANT: To ensure you're purchasing the correct item, you should verify the part number of the item or you can open up the remote and verify the numbers inside. This item is considered a "NUMBER" board. 

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More Information
OE Part #89904-06131
SupportYour purchase gives you 100% free e-mail and phone technical support from our expert staff.
Programming InformationThis item does not support self programming and would require professional programming by an automotive locksmith in your area. The locksmith would hook up their programmer to your vehicle and the programmer would program the item in for you. You can view the "Programming Instructions" tab for more locksmith programming information.
Product ConditionRefurbished
Programming Instructions

This remote has been wiped/cleared of any previous programming and is ready to be programmed to your vehicle!

In the event your automotive locksmith has trouble programming this remote You are going to want to contact a locksmith that has a 'MVP' or 'T-Code" programmer. They are to look under the Toyota-Prox category in their programmer, if they cannot find your model in 'Toyota-Prox' they will find it in the 'Lexus-Prox' category. The System should be a 2 or 4, then they choose 'Special Functions', and then 'Reset immobilizer'. This process takes 16 minutes to finish and the driver door must stay open the entire time. Once reset they are to then add OUR remote in first - then any existing remotes last.