2009 - 2015 Honda Pilot 4 Button Remote Head Key w/ Liftgate - KR55WK49308 - WITHOUT hatch 'HOLD' button

2009 - 2015 Honda Pilot 4 Button Remote Head Key w/ Liftgate - KR55WK49308 - WITHOUT hatch 'HOLD' button
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2009 - 2015 Honda Pilot 4 Button Remote Head Key w/ Liftgate - KR55WK49308 - WITHOUT hatch 'HOLD' button

*IMPORTANT* You must verify with your existing remote if on the liftgate it says 'HOLD' or not. Your replacement remote MUST match. This unit is for remotes WITHOUT the hold lettering. For remotes WITH the 'HOLD' lettering please click here.


2009 - 2015 Honda Pilot


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More Information
FCC NumberKR55WK49308
OE Part #72147-TA0-A0, 35118-SZA-A02, 35118-TA0-A03
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Programming Information

Please contact us via phone (1-855-224-7258) or live support chat to the bottom right of our website to confirm programming for this product. Our techs will make sure you know everything you need to!

If our techs inform you that this product needs to be programmed by a Locksmith, you may do Google search here for 'automotive locksmith' followed by your zip code. We suggest calling Locksmiths to find the best rate for the programming and/or cutting service.

Product ConditionRefurbished
Programming Instructions

2009-2011 Honda Pilot Keyless Entry Remote Fob Key


Have all remotes for the vehicle on hand. Make sure all the doors and rear hatch/trunk are closed during programming. Only need to use 1 remote to get into program mode but all remotes must be programmed during the same session. Each step must be completed within 5 seconds.

The key must be cut and programmed separately by an automotive lockmsith BEFORE you program the remote portion (which can be programmed with the following instructions).


  1. Sit in the car with all doors/trunk tightly close.
  2. Turn the key to the ON position, marked by "II" on the ignition bezel so the dash lights come on, then within 5 seconds press the "Lock" button on the remote for 1 second or so and release the button.
  3. Turn the key to the OFF position, marked by "I" on the ignition bezel - dash lights go off.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 three more times (A total of 4 times) – each step must be done within 5 seconds of the previous step.
  5. Upon the 4th turning of the key to "ON", press the lock button on one remote, the locks will make a cycling sound (clunk), locks will NOT lock or unlock at this point, they will just make a noise. The system is now in programming mode. Do not turn key off.
  6. Within 5 seconds of entering programming mode and within 5 seconds of each other, press the lock button ON EACH remote you are programming, for a second or so and release. This step needs to be completed within 10 seconds. Each time a remote button is pushed, the locks should cycle. Up to 3 remotes can be programmed.
  7. Turn ignition completely off and remove the key. Step out of car and close door. The remotes should be programmed and should work. If you have a trunk/hatch release, the button for this feature needs to be held for a few seconds before the trunk/hatch will "pop".