Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I paid to ship my return back myself, why am I being charged an "initial shipping fee" of $3.75?

A: The initial free shipping you got after buying your item cost us $3.75 and the fee simply re-imburses us for that free shipping we gave you. The shipping YOU paid for was the return shipping of your item back to us. Free shipping is absorbed by Replace My Remote by the overall profit received from your purchase. When a return for refund happens we receive zero profit, so the shipping must be reimbursed- otherwise we would go out of business.

Q: When I order an item from your company is it going to come ready to use if I provide my vehicle information?

A: No. There is no possible way we can pre-program items before they leave our facility as that would be a very high security risk for anyone who owns a vehicle. We ask you for your make, model, and year so we can provide you with self programming instructions if applicable. If when we look up your make, model, and year and your vehicle does not have self programming instructions we will let you know and offer support in helping you find an automotive locksmith in your area who can program the unit in for you. Self programming instructions depend on the vehicle. ALL vehicles are different. Some vehicles might have self programming and others simply do not because of the keyless entry system that was installed into the vehicle during manufacture.


Q: Can I cancel my order if it has not shipped yet?

A: Yes. As long as your order has not shipped we can cancel your order minus a $6.99 cancellation fee. 

Q: Are the remotes you sell on Replace My Remote new, used, or refurbished?

A: We do not sell used remotes. New remotes will have *NEW* in the title and all other products not specifically marked new are refurbished. "Refurbished" means the electronics themselves have been used already. Whenever possible we have replaced the shell, buttons, battery, and cleared any old programming from previous vehicles (if the unit you buy needs it). All units are cleaned and tested to ensure they give a signal out, however, we cannot absolutely know if the item is defective until the unit is attempted to pair with another vehicle.

Q: Can I take a Replace My Remote item to a dealership to get programmed ?

A: If the item is *NEW* then Yes- HOWEVER! It is highly ill advised! They are our competition. As such they can, will, and have said- many times- fictitious untrue things about the products themselves (like they are not re-useable, when they are) as well as our products (like we gave you the wrong item, which we very rarely do). Rather than subject you to this unethical and biased treatment we like to steer you towards the professionals. Locksmith's work on these remotes all the time and do it much better than a mechanic. Also, only locksmith tools can program a refurbished item, so any dealership using their own equipment CANNOT do the job- DESPITE what they may claim and tell you.

A: On rare occasions a dealership is able (and willing) to work on an outside unit and will not try to get you to buy one of theirs instead. On even rarer occasions the dealer is able to work on refurbished remotes. MOST dealerships CANNOT program their own products if they have been used already.

Q: If shipping is free why am I being charged $3.75?

A: Shipping a single item (with tracking) with the US Postal Service costs around $3.00. To insure the item being shipped it costs around another $3.00. Instead of charging you the full price to ship and insure your package, Replace My Remote will pay the postage charge (so it IS free shipping) but you will need to pay the insurance cost. The USPS has a very small lost item percentage, but it does happen, and more often than lost, the items get damaged in transit. In order to protect you from this we require ALL items to be insured so we can replace your item immedietly and file a claim for you with the post office to recover the lost funds- you do nothing, we do it all for you! UPS options are insured automatically so there is no need to add additional insurance.

Q: Do I have 180 days to get a refund for any reason?

A: No. You have 50 days from the date of purchase to start a RMA for a refund for any reason. We only get 60 days from date of purchase to refund your card so we allow 10 days for mail transit. Any RMA started after 50 days from purchase will be automatically changed to "replacement".

Q: I can get a replacement for my purchased item for 6 months after purchase?

A: Absolutely! If your item breaks then we will replace it at no cost to you. This only covers breakage due to unexplained circumstances. If it stops working within 180 days we WILL replace it. It does not cover the remote if the item is damaged and stops working. It also does not cover lost items. You must return an item to get it replaced. This pertains to the extended warranty as well.

Q: Is my purchased item insured?

A: Absolutely! If the post office or UPS loses your item we will send you a new one free of charge as we will file a claim to recover the funds on our end. 

Q: Is there a restock fee of $9.99 on all refund requests?

A: YES. In order for us to recover the shipping, packaging, and labor costs expended to get the item to you we must use a blanket $9.99 fee. In most cases this fee barely covers our expenses and in a portion of the cases we actually lose money with refunds. Because the rules have to be for everyone and have to be fair, we cannot make exceptions or waivers.

Q: If I have a remote (or a bunch of remotes) will Replace My Remote buy them?

A: Absolutely! We love buying remotes from our customers. We give top dollar for remotes of all types and condition. Send us your remotes and we will grade them. We offer the amount we will pay you and if you say yes we send a check. If you decline we send them back to you at no charge.

Q: How much will an automotive locksmith charge me to program my key or remote?

A: That is entirely up to several factors; your area, how many locksmith's there are in the area, how special your remote is, and if you have a high security blade type or regular. The individual locksmith sets his/her prices but you will want to find as many as you can, call them, ask their charges, and decide who is the best fit. Try to go to them instead of having them come to you. This will keep the costs down. You will also want to ask the dealership how much their TOTAL CHARGES will be so you can get a good comparison BEFORE purchasing any item from Replace My Remote.

Q: Does the make, model, and year search guarantee my correct remote?

A: No. The make, model, year search guides you through what each vehicle is SUPPOSED to have. This is subject to change based on the manufacture. You should always verify with the dealership the part number before purchasing.

Q: How do I know I'm purchasing the correct remote/key for my vehicle?

A: The MOST important thing to verify when replacing a remote is the FCC ID number on an existing remote. If you do not have an existing remote you should call the dealership with your VIN number and ask them for the remote part number. On some remotes we require you to confirm more than just the FCC ID number but also what type of board is inside the remote (this is usually for Toyota smart remotes). Once the OEM part number is obtained you can reach out to one of our customer service representatives via email , or chat and ask them to assist you in finding the right remote/key for your vehicle. We will ensure you know everything you need to when it comes to replacing one of these items.