Return Policy

Returns & Replacements


Replace My Remote likes to keep replacements very easy for our customers. For an entire 180 days (6 months) after you place your order, you are able to return a non-working product 100% free of charge for a replacement. We believe that in order to have the best possible online shopping experience, our customers should not have to jump through hoops to receive a replacement product.

If you order the wrong product please contact us to make sure you can get the correct replacement. A RMA will be opened for you and once approved, we will e-mail you a prepaid return label to send the unit back for a replacement or exchange. To avoid getting the incorrect item, please use our easy chat feature, call us to speak to a service tech, or just send us an email to [email protected] There is a $6.49 return exchange fee for all exchanges that were not caused by company error. Please be informed that this return exchange fee does not include shipping and handling fees incurred from shipping back out of our shipping department.

Order Cancellation/Modification

If you decide to cancel or modify your order after it has been placed, you can call us at 1-855-224-7258 Ext. 1 Monday - Friday from 9:00AM - 2:00PM Eastern Time. We do not accept email cancellations or modifications as the request cannot be guaranteed by the cut off time of 2:00pm Eastern Time. There is a $6.99 cancelation fee for all orders.

Returns for a Refund

For 50 days after you place your order, you are able to return an item (it must be in the same condition it was sent to you in) for any reason whatsoever. Certain conditions apply.

  • First and foremost, ALL returns MUST have your approved RMA number clearly marked on the outside of your package. Any packages received without a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number or postage due will be refused. Click HERE to obtain a RMA if you do not have one yet.
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  • You may have heard about us from a friend or some other free means, but MOST people hear about us from Google or Facebook. We pay for that advertising- and we pay quite a lot, to get everyone to see and hear about us. Because of this our “cost per customer” can fluctuate between $10 and $15. For every sale we make it costs us between $10 and $15. Due to this fact we MUST charge a “re-stock” fee. It has absolutely nothing to do with physically re-stocking the item on a shelf. It has to do with advertisement costs that need re-couped. The re-stock fee is $9.99. No more, no less. In a lot of cases this amount is not enough to re-coup 100% of the costs, but we wish to only charge the absolute minimum. We have, in point of fact, the lowest re-stock fee of any other remote company in business.
  • Refunds are a lengthy process that can take a while to work thru our financial system. Due to these clerical limitations it can take up to 7 to 10 days for the refund to be initiated on our end, and the refund may not reflect on your account until your next billing cycle or statement. Please be patient. We WILL refund you. These things do take time.
  • Here is the rule of thumb: you will be refunded in full for your purchase, minus the restock fee, minus any non-refund-ables, minus unlocking fees (if applicable), and minus any tax of any amount we are not refunding.

Non-Refundable Items: shipping costs, batteries, discount codes, cut transponder keys, silicone covers, and any service/labor charges. Also, any "NEW OEM" items purchased that are returned will be refunded the REFURBISHED price as we can no longer re-sell the item as brand new.

Replace My Remote does NOT e-mail you a pre-paid return shipping label to return the product. We recommend sending the item back in an insured package so in the event the package is lost or damaged in transit to us, you are covered. We are not liable for any return packages that were never received. Due to a 60 day limit imposed by Paypal on refund availability, we are unable to place money back on your card after 60 days from the date of your purchase. Therefore, after 50 days your warranty will be for a REPLACEMENT ONLY or a "buy back". Due to Paypal's 60 day limitation we will only allow a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to be opened for refund up to 50 days after purchase. This allows 10 days of transit time and administration so we can refund using the Paypal system. If you are past the 50 day limit for a refund you can send your remote in for a "buy back" which we will buy the product from you at a wholesale cost which will be determined once the item is received.

Unlocking Fees:

Any remote returned back LOCKED will result in a $9.99 unlocking fee.

Cut Remote Head Key Fees:

Any remote head key that is returned to us with a cut blade will result in a $9.99 fee as we now must refurbish the entire unit.

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Return policy updated 2/05/2018