Shipping Policy


For a general idea of shipping time within the United States using our standard shipping option, please refer to the map below. If the shipping time estimate does not fit the delivery schedule you have in mind, you are going to want to choose one of our expedited shipping options: UPS 3 DAY SELECT or UPS OVERNIGHT.

Shipping Refunds (Store Credit) - We provide TWO standard shipping options: 1. Completely free standard shipping without insurance (10-14 business days to arrive) on the package. If the package is lost in transit we are not able to open a claim and the customer claims all responsibility. 2. Insured standard shipping (5-7 business days to arrive) so in the event the package does get lost in transit we WOULD be able to open a claim and a replacement package can be shipped upon completion of the claim. UPS 3 DAY SELECT is guaranteed to be delivered on the 3rd business day. If the order is placed after hours during the week it will be shipped the next business day. UPS 3 DAY SELECT starts the day AFTER the package has been picked up. For instance: You place an order on a Tuesday at 1:30pm Eastern and the package is picked up same day at our cut off time of 2:00pm Eastern - the 1st business day would be Wednesday. If you place an order on Tuesday AFTER our cut off time of 2:00pm Eastern, then the package will not be picked up until Wednesday and then the 1st business day would be Thursday. UPS OVERNIGHT is guaranteed the next business day if ordered before 2:00pm EST Monday through Friday. All orders placed after hours will be shipped the next business day. UPS drivers reserve the right to not deliver a package in the event that the driver feels the package would not be safe due to weather or because the package is in public view and no one is home to accept the package. Tracking will be updated that the carrier made a delivery attempt. If this scenario occurs and therefore your package was not delivered in time you will not be credited shipping costs. If you choose UPS expedited shipping and have a PO Box we will ship it USPS Prority mail as UPS does not deliver to a PO Box. Shipments that do not arrive by the expected delivery day due to uncontrollable weather conditions do not qualify for credit.

Canada Shipments - The shipping service will operate as follow: Every Friday afternoon a bulk shipment box will be sent to the UPS International Shipping Center in New York State. IF you order on Monday your package will be held until Friday before shipping so all Canada orders are shipped for the week in 1 package. Upon arrival the box will be sent onward to Canada where it will split as shipments are sent off to the various Providences. Final delivery by UPS shall be to the local post office of each package and Canada Post shall deliver the final portion to your doorstep. BE AWARE, when handling any lost package claims we are only able to see tracking up till delivery of your local post office. If your local post office miss-delivers, loses, or a local theft at your doorstep occurs, Replace My Remote is not responsible and shall not reimburse/ re-send a new item for free. If we are responsible for delivering the wrong item to you (all International orders are photographed right before enclosure in their respective packaging to ensure quality control and proof of delivery) there will be no cost to you for your replacement and you are NOT responsible to return the wrong item sent.

Possible delays in shipping your orders can occur if we need to use a sister company to send your item. We will NOT have this sister company send directly to you. In order to ensure quality control they will send your items to us first where we will test the items, and then ship them to you from our facility as outlined above. This delay can be as long as 10 business days.

Canada Returns and Refunds - There are no returns or refunds on International Orders. If you mistakenly buy the wrong item, it is yours to keep as you cannot send it back to us. We will not/ cannot pay duties on returned items. Due to this any item we send wrong you also will keep (but as outlined above we send the correct item to you for free). Make 100% sure you are buying the correct item BEFORE purchasing/ final shipment. If the item you receive will not program in to the vehicle, we will assume there is a problem with your vehicle, you are performing the pairing operation wrong, or the locksmith performing the programming is not qualified to work on the remote. (Since we are not there to diagnose the problem we have no choice but to assume these conclusions). If you take our item to a dealership and they charge you after an unsuccessful attempt to program it, you are not only out the funds you paid the dealer but also the item cost from us. We explain- in multiple areas on this website- that you are NOT to take our items to a dealer. Ignore our repeated warnings at your own expense. For 90% of the people in Canada buying from us our products will make your life a whole lot easier, but inevitably there will be 10% out there that are not going to have things work out. Know this before you buy. If this risk is too great for you then you should go directly to your dealer and just buy from them at their extreme markup.

We want to help our Canadian customers just as much as our State side customers, but we MUST keep a strict set of rules in order to make Canadian sales manageable for our company.

Shipping Fees - Any package that is returned to us as "No Such Number", "Insufficient Address", "Return To Sender", "Undeliverable As Addressed", "Refused", "Unable To Forward", etc. will be charged a Return To Sender fee of $4.00. This amount will come out of the customer's refund or the customer will pay this fee along with return shipping to reship the package. If entered the address differently than what was on the purchase order, this fee will be waived.

Shipping Department Hours Of Operation
Monday through Friday
9:00am - 2:00pm EST

Our office is closed in observance of the following Holidays:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

US Time in Transit Map